Do Go Chasing Waterfalls: California’s Webber Falls


My life of landscape photography began with chasing waterfalls in Arkansas. I would wait until it rained and then rush out to one of the lovely waterfalls in the Ozarks with a handful of Fuji Velvia slide film. I’ve always loved waterfalls and think that just being around them makes one feel more positive and optimistic, so because of all the rain we’ve been getting in Northern Nevada and Northern California, I decided to try to focus myself on getting back to my roots a little bit. This waterfall is called Webber Falls, and it’s off the radar of most waterfall photographers. There are no signs, and the route is kind of sketchy, but I knew it’s location, and the early morning light was flat out amazing.

California's Webber Falls in the Northern Sierra Nevada

California’s Webber Falls in the Northern Sierra Nevada

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