Reno Portraits: Tony Walker


As a derivative of Ton Loc, the famous rapper of yesteryear, Tony Walker’s best friend and brother, Devin Devontae Dinkins, gave him the nickname, “The Locus,” while they were “messin’ around with rappin’ or b-ballin.” He eventually shortened it up to just “Locus,” which is a scientific term that actually means the distance traveled from point A and point B. Tony loves to sing, freestyle rap, and paint, but above all he loves to hang out with his son who is his “light and inspires many things.” He is also a well-known man around Reno and has a lot to do with much of the city’s nightlife and art scene.

Tony Walker in front of Reno, Nevada's most famous sign

Tony Walker in front of Reno, Nevada’s most famous sign

I met Tony thru one of my former students who told me that he’d be interested in hanging up some of my photography prints at a popular bar in downtown Reno. I noticed right away that he is a hip and friendly guy who is very “coo.” If you check out his Instagram account @THELOCUS, you can see a lot about how much that he does around Reno and why he is so respected by those involved in The Biggest Little City in the World’s vibrant art and entertainment scene.

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