San Francisco’s 2017 Chinese New Year Parade


Early Morning at Point Bonita Lighthouse, San Francisco Bay, California

Not only has it been a really long time since I’ve updated my blog, but it has also been a while since I’ve been on a photography outing. However, I’ve had February 11 on my calendar for a while and have been hoping to make it over Donner Pass (the I-80 mountain pass that leads to western California). Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad other than a two-hour detour because of a mudslide near Colfax. San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade has been something that I’ve wanted to attend for quite some time, and I really enjoyed spending the weekend in my favorite city and having the chance to shoot with two friends: Derek Gregory and Steven Tze. Last year, my photographic goal was to post a photo on Instagram every day, and I pulled that off without much trouble, and this year my goal is to shoot a lot more video and edit footage for YouTube with the hopes of building a decent sized following. For this blog, I’ve included a few photos and the video that I made during¬†the Chinese New Year Parade in the “city by the bay.” I’m hoping to make some new business cards, and I need 100 YouTube subscribers before I can customize my URL, so please subscribe if you can. Hopefully, I’ll make some videos that will entertain and educate viewers about travel and technology. I’ve already received my first dislike on YouTube, so it looks like more people are watching. Hopefully, the thumbs-down was not because of my use of the Hayward High School Marching Band’s rendition of “YMCA.” No, it’s definitely not fitting music for a celebration of Chinese / American culture, but the band provided it for me on the side of the road while they were warming up themselves and the crowd for the Chinese New Year Parade. Go Farmers!

Young girl participating in San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade


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