Nighttime in Nevada: Angel Lake of East Humboldt Range


I only have a couple days left for my June Nighttime in Nevada outing, and other than getting stumped at the Jarbidge Mountains because I took a wrong turn, the trip has been great. When I was driving through Wells, Nevada, I noticed how pretty that the mountains looked, so I decided to venture up to Angel Lake to take a look. It was super windy and hardly anyone was there, but the weather forecast said it would clear out around midnight, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It looked like the Milky Way would not be in the frame when it was dark enough to start at around 10 PM, but there would be clouds going over the mountains while the Milky Way slowly moved to the right. I ended up shooting several hundred 30 second exposures, and I quickly picked this one to use for the blog. Ultimately, I am planning to use the stuff from these shoots as a time-lapse video, and I believe that this section is my best so far. It will be a while until that is ready, so for now here’s one of the frames.

Milky Way over Angel Lake in Nevada's East Humboldt Range

Milky Way over Angel Lake in Nevada’s East Humboldt Range

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